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Construction Management

As a licensed general contractor in numerous states, Innovative Modular Solutions has the ability to perform as much of the construction work required with the installation of modular buildings as clients require, including full and complete turn-key construction services.


Typical construction services include:

  • Site preparation, clearing, and grading
  • Foundation installation
  • Utility installation (water, sewer, gas, and electric)
  • Modular building delivery and installation
  • Mechanical system installation (HVAC and fire suppression)
  • Interior finish work (ceilings, flooring, walls)
  • Exterior finish work (painting, paving, curbs and sidewalks)
  • Site restoration (grading and landscaping)


Safety and Health During Modular Construction Projects

It is IMS’ policy to provide safe and healthy work conditions during modular construction for employees, contractors, and customers.  To implement this policy, IMS utilizes both plans and training.    Site-specific Health and Safety Plans are prepared for all modular building construction projects as part of our commitment to ensure that  environmental, health, and safety values are not compromised.To further our commitment to providing a healthy environment for our employees and the communities that we serve, IMS provides Health and Safety Training for our employees.  All members of our team, regardless of their position, receive annual training in First-Aid CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, and Drug-Free Workplace.  Field and supervisory employees also receive OSHA 10 or 30-hour certification and additional, specialized training as required.

Coordinating with Your Modular Building Team

IMS professional staff will effectively and efficiently coordinate the construction process, working with the client’s construction team, IMS’s own team, or both. IMS can provide coordination and control over all aspects of site work in order to deliver an organized, timely, and cost-effective construction effort. This includes the assurance that all of the members of the modular building project team work in concert and carry out their responsibilities.

IMS can manage all aspects of projects including:

  • coordination of professional trades
  • quality control
  • safety management
  • shop drawing/submittal review
  • payment processing; change order management
  • testing and inspection
  • maintenance of project records
  • assistance with construction related LEED activities and documentation of LEED credits
  • general project administration
  • project closeout and turnover