The financing options offered by Innovative Modular Solutions and our financing partners are nearly as diverse as the potential uses and configurations of the buildings themselves.

Outright Purchase – Modular buildings and the associated construction work are purchased in a one-time transaction.

Leasing Options – Leasing allows customers to pay for their modular and portable buildings over a period of time without a significant capital outlay.  Payments are made at pre-determined rates for a specific period of time.  Payments can be monthly, quarterly, or annually over typical terms of one to seven years to meet available cash flow.  Site improvements and even furnishings may be able to be included in the amount financed.

  • Operating Lease – A long term rental that allows customers to pay for the modular building only for the period of time that it is needed.  When the building is no longer required, it can be purchased or returned.
  • Finance Lease – A lease-to-purchase arrangement that allows customers to purchase their modular building over time.
  • Municipal Lease – A low-interest lease to purchase that is a useful financing alternative available to state and local governmental agencies, public school, and some charter schools.

Buybacks and Resale of Portable Buildings


For clients that no longer have a need for their portable buildings, and would like to recapture a portion of their investment, IMS can assist in re-marketing efforts and may even repurchase the modular building.

IMS would welcome the opportunity to discuss specific procurement requirements in detail and provide a competitive quotation tailored to suit any budget.