Consultation and Design


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Innovative Modular Solutions believes that a true partnership with clients means more than simply delivering and installing modular buildings.  From the largest and most complex modular construction projects to delivery and installation of a single modular classroom or a used portable building, a consultative approach to project delivery leads to consistent communication throughout the process, and ultimately to success.

We work with clients to develop their concept, determining the general layout, feasibility and construction. This includes working closely with end-users, architects and project teams to ensure that the project is developed quickly and effectively, meeting all requirements.  IMS has the ability to deliver exceptional flexibility in building design; creating unique and innovative modular buildings that can respond to individual customer needs and aspirations.  We take the building design far beyond the original “box.”

Design Services for Modular Construction

A reduction in building costs, time, and onsite disruption are just some of the benefits that have made modular buildings a popular option for organizations looking to extend their facilities on a temporary or permanent basis. However, while these advantages are well known, the design options of modular buildings  are not. If it can be built, it can be incorporated into a modular building project.  Design elements include aesthetic options such as a specialized siding (including brick, glass, or steel),  entrance canopies, and modified roof lines.  Additionally, the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of modular buildings can be specialized to meet any requirement.  With an extensive and versatile range of external and internal design elements available in modular construction, IMS can create appealing permanent or portable modular buildings that can be purpose designed to match not only a project’s budget and schedule objectives, but also the desired aesthetics.