Floquip Healthcare Building

Sector: Healthcare

Size: 2160 sq. ft.

Project:  Floquip Engineering

Location: Riceboro, GA


Floquip Engineering Company is located in a rural area and they wanted to provide a facility on-site where their employees would be able to get checkups and healthcare treatment.  IMS provided a quick and cost-efficient solution. They had a stringent budget and time-line and looked to modular for this solution. Having a secured property and wanting minimal disruption, installing a modular building was the best solution. With the expansion and growth of their facility, modular also offered a viable option to be able to relocate the building at a later time if needed.


Floquip Engineering Company contracted with Innovative Modular Solutions to provide a 2,160 sf modular Healthcare Building to be located adjacent to their existing facility.  This project was completed on-time and within budget.  Due to the fact that modular is inherently more time efficient, IMS was able to complete the project in less than two months. 

The modular building includes a Reception Area, Offices, Exam Rooms, Lab, Storage Room and Restrooms. To compliment aesthetics of the existing facility, the specifications include: Hardipanel exterior siding and skirting, T-grid ceiling, vinyl floor tile, VCG wall coverings, occupancy sensors for interior lighting, along with Formica cabinets and counter-tops. 


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The modular building includes a Reception Area,  Offices, Exam Rooms, Lab, Storage Room and Restrooms.