Walgreens Case Study

Sector: Commercial, Specialty

Size: 1440 sq. ft.

Project: Walgreens

Location: Chicago, IL. & Minneapolis, MN. 


Walgreens had an urgent need for building space at multiple retail locations in Chicago and Minneapolis; they required temporary pharmacies to continue serving customers during renovation and rebuilding of their existing stores.  As the General Contractor, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions contacted Innovative Modular Solutions to determine if modular buildings could be provided to meet their client’s requirements quickly, efficiently and with minimal site disruption.


IMS provided temporary buildings for three Walgreens sites: one in Chicago and two in Minneapolis. IMS refurbished an existing stock building, and purchased two additional 24 x 60 clear spans from Whitley Manufacturing, to meet the time-line required by Sevan & Walgreens.  The temporary buildings were placed adjacent to the main Walgreens stores, taking into consideration accessibility, utilities, traffic flow, and ongoing renovations.  With IMS site superintendents on location to manage the project, any modifications were quickly completed and resolved, including relocating one of the buildings to a different store and installing aluminum decking and ramps. After installation, Sevan coordinated the build-out of the modulars to create the interior spaces for pharmacy, retail, restroom, office and consultation room. The buildings were of equal size, layout and interior/exterior finishes to provide a consistent aesthetic and operation for Walgreens and their customers. The modular pharmacy buildings will remain in place until the existing stores are fully renovated and stocked with inventory, at which point IMS will dismantle and return them to our facility. These projects were delivered and installed within approximately 6 weeks from contract award!


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IMS provided temporary buildings for three Walgreens sites: one in Chicago and two in Minneapolis.