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Modular construction is the process of manufacturing buildings in a factory controlled environment. Prefabricated modular buildings are constructed to meet the applicable building codes depending on the planned use and occupancy, and to conform with the conditions of the building site.

Buildings, or modules, are then transported to the site, installed on a foundation, sealed at the matelines, and connected to utilities. Decking or concrete flatwork is installed to access the entry doors. Final touches are put on the finishes, which can include enhancements such as a brick facade, peaked roof, or entrance canopy to give the building a more aesthetically pleasing exterior appearance.

Modular Solutions: Fast and Affordable

Offsite construction delivers fast and affordable modular building solutions, whether the requirement is for a permanent, temporary or relocatable building. Compared to conventional building methods, modular building solutions minimize time on the site, reduce the number of deliveries and are virtually unaffected by weather conditions. Importantly, for a site where disruptions must be kept to a minimum, the modular building process creates less noise and interference to the daily operation of the site and its occupants.

Finished modular buildings – whether offices, classrooms, schools, clinics/healthcare facilities, churches and others – may consist of a single module or numerous modules. They  may be combined with traditionally constructed elements for a hybrid approach that offers the best of both modular and traditional.

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Modular Construction: an alternative method of construction provides speed, savings, and sustainability, gives a detailed and concise overview of modular construction and the benefits it can provide.

Modular Green Buildings: Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Modular building is inherently green. The process of modular green building offers unique benefits that contribute to sustainable building initiatives. These benefits include limited site disturbance, the ability to use portable modular buildings and relocatable buildings,  waste reduction on-site, and reduction of overall construction time. If you are considering new construction, modular buildings can help satisfy your environmental requirements.

Timeline for the Modular Building Process

The main advantage of the modular building process is that the overall construction time is significantly shorter than a standard site-built structure. Building fabrication and site work proceed concurrently, thus reducing the project timeline when compared to a “stick-built” project.